Depending on where you plan to operate, own or charter a power or sailing yacht, there may be local regulations concerning the qualifications of the captain and/or crew of the vessel.

The SailQuest Sailing School is certified to issue 3 types of internationally recognized maritime certificates.

1.) International Yacht Training (IYT) Certificates

Students who successfully complete the SailQuest 5/10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper's Course will receive the IYT Bareboat Skipper's certificate with a power or sail endorsement. This certificate is recognized by yacht charter and insurance companies and many governments around the world as a certificate of excellence in yachting.

We also offer other IYT certificates, like the IYT International Crew Certificate the IYT VHF Radio Operator certificate.

2.) The International Certificate of Competency (ICC)

The ICC is a certified level of competency required when operating a pleasure craft in most European Coastal or Inland waterways. SailQuest Sailing School, via IYT Worldwide, has been authorized to issue ICC's to any qualified applicants on their behalf.

SailQuest Sailing School will process students ICC application upon successful completion of the SailQuest 10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper's course.

3.) NauticEd Online Sailing Course Verified Proficiency Endorsements

The NauticEd Online Sailing Theory courses are an excellent way to get started in developing a solid knowledge of yachting basics. SailQuest recommends this online program to students as a way to prepare for the 10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper's Course. You may wish to complete the NauticEd Skipper, Charter Master or Captain Rank course bundle before attending SailQuest classes.

Upon completion of the SailQuest 10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper's Course, SailQuest instructor's will be able to add the Verified Proficiency Endorsement to your on NauticEd online certificates.

SailQuest Certificates

SailQuest IYT International Crew Certificate
SailQuest IYT International Crew Certificate

SailQuest IYT International Crew Certificate

SailQuest Sailing School in Pattaya, Thailand is a partner school with IYT Worldwide and will issue internationally recognized certificates on their behalf to qualified sailors. Students who successfully complete the SailQuest 5 day IYT International Crew course will receive the IYT International Crew certificate with sail or power endorsement.

International Crew Training
This is a certificate of excellence for those candidates who wish to train to become an active crew member on a power or sailing yacht. it includes an Introduction to Boating for power and sail yachts.

Certificate Limitations
Crew on a vessel up to a maximum length of 78 ft /24 metres
in coastal waters up to 20 miles offshore
in daylight hours and in fair conditions with moderate wind and sea conditions
It is the level of competence that someone needs either when acting as watchkeeping crew on a yacht and as a skipper of a small yacht in protected waters where help is immediately available in calm conditions.

Course Outline
Nautical terminology
Safety briefing
Passage planning
Rope work
Basic rules of the road
Introduction to weather
Basic sail handling
Basic handling under power
Man overboard procedures
Vessel equipment and instruments
Engine checks and maintenance
Deck seamanship
Sailing vessels handling skills
Sailing vessels under power
Power vessel handling skills
Dingy handling under power

SailQuest IYT Bareboat Skipper's Certificate
SailQuest IYT Bareboat Skipper's Certificate

SailQuest IYT Bareboat Skipper's Certificate

SailQuest Sailing School in Pattaya, Thailand is a partner school with IYT Worldwide and will issue internationally recognized certificates on their behalf to qualified sailors. Students who successfully complete the SailQuest IYT Bareboat Skipper's Course will receive the IYT Bareboat Skipper certificate with sail or power endorsement.

SailQuest IYT Bareboat Skipper's Certificate Course outline:
The IYT Bareboat Skipper's Certificate syllabus is set to give you a broad range of knowledge required to take command of a sail or power yacht of up to 55 feet, on your own. It covers all the subjects required to prepare the boat, plan the passage, instruct the crew and command the vessel at sea.

The Bareboat syllabus separates theory and practical instruction and subjects covered in theory are then put into practice in the practical session on the SailQuest training yacht.

The 10 day course course includes 2 nights out at sea, including a night passage where ships lights and buoyage lights can be experienced. In addition, the student will be required to command a short passage from alongside over a triangular course to a safe anchorage and be responsible for the entire passage and its planning.

During the SailQuest 10 day IYT Bareboat Skipper's course you will cover and log at least 200 sea miles.

Examination - there is a written exam on the last day and the practical is by continuous assessment during the course.

The goal of the 10 day IYT Bareboat course is:
"Be responsible for command of a vessel up to a maximum length of 55 ft /17 meters (either auxiliary powered sailing vessels or a power vessels - per certificate endorsement) and its crew in coastal waters up to a distance of 20 miles offshore in mainly light to moderate conditions during daylight hours".

Candidates are required to have logged a total of 200 nautical miles and 10 days at sea. SailQuest students will meet these requirements when they complete this 10 day course.

What will I learn?:
This course covers all the subjects that will enable you to be a responsible Captain in command of a yacht and her crew. During the 10 day course you will learn....

The responsibilities of the captain of a sailing or power yacht
How to plan a passage and plot a safe course and instruct his crew member on the passage hazards and undertake such a passage by day or night
A good knowledge of weather issues and tides and their effects on the passage planned
A complete knowledge on the rules associated with collision avoidance for sailing vessels and vessels likely to be encountered during the planned passage
The commands and responses expected to be given to the crew.
Bareboat Syllabus:
Importance of taking command of the crew and watchkeepers
Introduce Watchkeepers, brief your crew and answer questions
Ensure they are rested and fit for duty
Ensure they have adequate food and sleep
Be prepared to call the Captain if in doubt
Taking over the vessel - check out
Hull and rig checks
Machinery and systems checks
Instrument checks
Safety equipment checks
Spare tools and equipment
Fuel and water - capacity and state
Provisions - Menus - galley equipment
Course plan lodged with responsible person
Sources of weather information
Personal observation
Anabatic and Katabatic winds
Cause of weather patterns
Cloud types
Global weather and winds
Weather patterns associated with pressure and fontal systems
Storm development and storm avoidance
Ocean currents
Fetch and wave action
Basic Rules of the Road
Study Rules 1-19
Collision avoidance, lights, shapes and sounds afloat
Identification of collision targets
Actions required by stand on and give way vessels
Passage Planning
Pilots and almanacs
Plotting courses and position
Consideration of tides - Tide Tables, Currents, rip tides, tidal gates
Electronic aids to navigation - GPS - chartplotter
Course consideration of hazards, tidal gates, daylight hours etc
Waypoints located and plotted
Bearings calculated for each waypoint including allowance for variation
Distance between way points
Time to reach each waypoint at estimated average speed
Total journey time
Expected tidal currents during the passage
Expected wind during the passage
Calculate probable impact of current and wind direction on proposed course and journey time
Estimated position plotting
Anchors and anchoring
Types of anchors and their benefits
Chain and warp
Tripping line
Setting the anchor
Lying to two anchors
Safety & General topics
Sailing procedure for MOB
Man Overboard drills
Abandoning ship procedures
Dingy operations & manuvering
Yacht systems - plumbing, electrical and mechanical
Sailing & Boat Handling
How to Sail - Sailing theory
Points of sail, true & apparent wind
Sail handling, reefing, tacking, jybing, etc.
Picking up a mooring, docking, close quarter boat handling
Additional practical:
On the practical section each student will take the role of Captain for one or more passages from leaving a dock or mooring to arriving at a marina or anchorage. The course includes a night passage to include leaving an anchorage and setting an anchorage at night. Students will be required to take the role of skipper during this training and demonstrate and emergency heave to, MOB retrieval and COL REGs and collision avoidance.

IYT VHF Radio Operator's Certificate
IYT VHF Radio Operator's Certificate

SailQuest IYT VHF Radio Operator's Certificate

IYT Marine Communications (VHF-SRC)

The IYT Marine Communications course (Very High Frequency – Short Range Certificate) is recognised by the Republic of the Marshall Islands. It is designed to ensure a thorough understanding of maritime radio communication at sea.
It is intended for all marine environments and follows International standards.
The course provides VHF Radio and SRC training for the entire spectrum of VHF radio communications for recreational and professional boating.
Students will learn how on board radios and handheld radios, EPIRBs, SARTs, AIS and DSC-enabled radios, are used effectively in marine communications.

International Certificate of Competency (ICC)
International Certificate of Competency (ICC)

International Certificate of Competency (ICC) Details
What is the ICC?

The ICC is an internationally recognized, government approved yachting certificate and is now required for operators of recreational and charter vessels on both inland and coastal waters in a large part of the European Community. The ICC is a product of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Resolution 40. The ICC provides documentary assurance from one government to another that the holder meets the levels of competence laid down in Resolution 40.

This certificate is recommended for students living in or planning to charter yachts in the EC countries and other areas around the Mediterranean Sea. Although only guaranteed to be accepted in countries that have adopted Resolution 40, the ICC is a useful document to carry and will be accepted where proof of yachting competence is required.

In very general terms an ICC is required for the inland waterways of Europe and for inland and coastal waters of Mediterranean countries. For the coastal waters of Northern Europe the ICC is generally not required, however to all of these generalizations there are exceptions.

How can I qualify for the ICC?

Students who successfully complete the SailQuest 10 day IYT Bareboat Skipper’s course are automatically qualified for the ICC Coastal certificate for sail & power vessels up to 24 meters. You can add the Inland (CENVI) endorsement to this certificate by completing an additional exam, also available at the time you complete your sailing course with SailQuest.

These certificates are available at an additional cost. You will be able to order your ICC certificates on the last day of the class, following the IYT Bareboat Skipper’s exam. SailQuest will process ICC certificates together with the students IYT Bareboat Skipper and other IYT certificates.

SailQuest strongly recommends this government recognized certificate to all of our qualified students as an excellent back-up certificate to your IYT certificates and to maximize the areas where you will be qualified to operate and charter yachts around the world.

Who may receive a SailQuest/IYT ICC based on Resolution 40?

SailQuest/IYT can issue the ICC to any students whose country is not listed below.

In accordance with UNECE Resolution 40 (Revision 4), citizens and residents of countries that are listed below, that are signatories to Resolution 40, will be obliged to obtain an ICC from their own national issuing authority and not from SailQuest/IYT.

However, it is possible for SailQuest/IYT to issue the ICC to citizens of the countries listed below, if the applicant can provide proof of residency* in a country not on this list.

For example: an Austrian National living in Spain or Greece that can provide “proof of residency” in Spain or Greece (or any other country that is not on the list below) would be allowed to receive an ICC from SailQuest/IYT.

*Proof of residency (examples): Utility bill (electric or gas), Property tax bill, Telephone bill, Insurance bill, etc.

As of May 2016 the following countries are affected by this Resolution 40 policy:

Czech Republic
South Africa
Is there a period of validity for the ICC?

The ICC is valid for a period of five years.

SailQuest/IYT Certificate Renewal

For many IYT certificates, there is the need to renew & re-qualify for your certificate every 5 years. This ensures that our certifications are meeting international standards. See instructions for SailQuest/IYT Certificate Renewal

SailQuest - 3 Day NauticEd Verified Proficiency Program

SailQuest - NauticEd Verified Proficiency Program

The 3 Day Verified Proficiency Program adds the practical endorsement to your NauticEd Online Sailing Theory Certificates and is an acknowledgement that the student has had an evaluation of sailing skills and knowledge by SailQuest Sailing School instructors.

The 3 Day Verified Proficiency Program evaluates the candidates on-the-water skills including: Passage planning & navigation, Boat handling, Crew management, emergency situations and much more during a three day live-aboard voyage where candidates will be assigned to take on a leading role in the yachts operation. Once the candidate has passed this evaluation, SailQuest instructors upgrade the students online sailing resume by logging into the students NauticEd online profile and adding the Verified Proficiency endorsement mark.

This is an essential upgrade to your NauticEd Online Theory Certificates as it indicates that the certificate holder has passed a practical evaluation of boat handling and decision making skills. Charter companies, governments and insurance companies all look for this endorsement as the true mark of on-the-water skills and ability.

The 3 Day SailQuest Verified Proficiency Program can be scheduled during any of the 3 Day Verified Proficiency dates listed below.

Click the NauticEd logo at the top of this page to visit the NauticEd website.

Note: Students who complete the SailQuest 10 Day Hands-On Sailing Course and who have completed NauticEd online courses will receive the NauticEd Verified Proficiency endorsement upon completion of the course at no extra charge.


3 Day/2 Night Verified Proficiency Itinerary:
(for reference only. actual itinerary is subject to weather and other variables)

Day 1 
10:00 - Briefing & Passage Plan
11:00 - Depart SailQuest base @ Ocean Marina
12:00 - Lunch at Sea, Sailing to Outer Islands, Ko Phai, Sattahip, Ko Samet, Ko si Chang
17:00 - Anchor down, Swim, Dinner Aboard

Day 2:
08:00 - Breakfast & Depart, On-Board Sailing Exercises & Training Program
12:00 - Lunch at Sea, Sailing to Outer Islands, Ko Phai, Sattahip, Ko Samet, Ko si Chang
17:00 - Anchor down, Swim
18:00 - Dinner Ashore - Ko si Chang, Sattahip, Pattaya

Day 3:
08:00 - Breakfast & Depart, On-Board Sailing Exercises & Training Program
12:00 - Lunch at Sea
14:00 - Return to SailQuest base @ Ocean Marina 

3 Day/2 Night Verified Proficiency Dates:
(Please contact SailQuest to confirm availability for your preferred dates)

3 Day Verified Proficiency Pricing & Payment
Here are pricing & payment details for the SailQuest 3 Day Verified Proficiency Program.

The total price includes:
All Training Yacht & Instructor Costs
NauticEd Verified Proficiency Endorsement
All Verified Proficiency Evaluation Materials
All On-Board Food and Beverage
1 Dinner Party Ashore

3 Day Verified Proficiency ProgramThai Baht THBEuro €USD $
For 1 Student 15,000 THB 417€ $467
For 2 Student / Share Cabin Rate 28,000 THB 779€ $873

Note: all SailQuest pricing is in Thai baht, the USD and Euro prices are ref only, you can use the converter for more precise conversion

SailQuest requires a 25% deposit to confirm your booking and to hold your place in class for your selected course dates.


Get Started Today:
Complete the NauticEd skipper, Charter Master or Captain Level courses
Open your free NauticEd Online logbook
Select dates from schedule above and Contact Us! to confirm availability.
Select your deposit amount from the drop down menu below (1 or 2 persons) and make a deposit payment to confirm your booking.
Attend the 3 Day SailQuest Verified Proficiency Program and upgrade your sailing certification!

IYT Certificate Services

SailQuest / IYT Certificate Services

Welcome SailQuest Sailing School student. As an IYT (International Yacht Training) partner school, SailQuest is authorized to issue IYT certificates to students who successfully complete SailQuest training courses. In order to process your IYT certificates, it is required for all students to create an online profile on the IYT website.

SailQuest students who already have registerd with IYT may need to re-order, replace or re-new their IYT certificates.

Please follow the steps in the links below to access these services.

Replace, Renew, Re-Order IYT Certficates
IYT Student Registration Details