Zero to Hero, Fast-track 5/10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper courses

Looking for fast-paced, fun & effective Crew & Captain "Learn to Sail" yacht training courses?  Then the SailQuest Sailing School in Pattaya, Thailand is the right sailing program for YOU!

  • Personal Sailing instruction
  • Modern Training Yachts


  • Our Popular Zero to Hero Fast Track 5/10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper's Certificate Course

Create the SailQuest Sailing School difference.

See our 5 & 10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper's course in action:

As an International Yacht Training (I.Y.T.) partner sailing school, SailQuest students receive the internationally recognized IYT International Crew and/or IYT Bareboat Skipper's Certificate and are qualified for the IYT VHF Radio Operators license and the EU recognized International Certificate of Competency (I.C.C.)

Owner/Instructor Captain Tim takes a personal & professional interest in every student, family or group as he passes along a lifetime of experience in sailing, yacht charter, blue water world-cruising & yacht ownership.

From beginner to advanced recreational sailors, SailQuest Sailing School instructors deliver a Fast Track, balanced, well organized and in-depth training program for anyone who is considering crewing, sailing, chartering, live-aboard coastal & offshore cruising or buying a sail or power yacht.

Our fantastic Ocean Marina, Pattaya, Thailand location offers a wide range of real life sailing situations, including:

  • A World-Class Marina
  • Remote Tropical Islands
  • Busy Shipping Ports, important for 'rules of the road'

The Pattaya area, the largest resort area in Thailand, provides students with a wide choice of accommodation, shopping and entertainment options.

We also offer our students the option to take Online Courses with NauticEd then develop your practical skills at our sailing school location in Thailand.  As a NauticEd Flagship Partner School, we can add the verified proficiency stamp to your NauticEd logbook.

At SailQuest Sailing School Thailand, we take your sailing education seriously. We are standing by to assist in any way.

Please Contact SailQuest today.

The SailQuest 5 & 10 Day IYT Crew/Bareboat Skipper's combines:

  • International Yacht Training (IYT) & ICC certificate courses
  • Essential classroom sessions & Multimedia presentations
  • On the water training in a relaxed, professional style
  • Coastal/Offshore Experience to prepare for Live Aboard Sailing
  • World-class training yachts & professional instructors
  • 1st class marina facilities, sailing location, accommodation & student services

We’ll show you how and where to get started with:

  • Sailing Yachts
  • Power Boating
  • Bareboat Chartering
  • Yacht Ownership
  • Live Aboard Cruising
  • Yachting Lifestyle

See more details of the options included in the SailQuest 5/10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper Course below:

5/10 Day Sailing Course

The SailQuest 5/10 Day IYT Sailing Course
The SailQuest 5/10 Day IYT Sailing Course

The SailQuest 5/10 Day IYT Sailing Course

The SailQuest 5/10 Day IYT Sailing Course is a carefully organized, fast paced Learn to Sail program based at Ocean Marina, Pattaya, Thailand.  This action-packed sailing school is targeted towards people who want to develop the knowledge, skills, confidence and experience to excel on the water, whether day sailing or cruising the world.

Our internationally recognized yachting certificates from IYT, ICC and NauticEd provide students with the qualifications needed to own, operate and charter yachts worldwide.

As you will see in the SailQuest 10 Day Sailing Course Daily Program, we pack a lot of action into the time students spend with us.  First and foremost, students typically sail over 200+ nautical miles during this course.  These are valuable training miles where students will be taking an active part in the operation of the boat alongside experienced instructors.

SailQuest students get the coaching and guidance they need to become confident sailors, crew members, captains or owners and gain a practical understanding of yacht operation and management.

There is also a great social side to the SailQuest Sailing School program as students and instructors share the friendship of sailors & shipmates as they “learn the ropes” together.

SailQuest students come from all around the world.  Men and women of all ages join our program in pursuit of their sailing goals.  Although from diverse walks of life, our students share a love for the sea and a dream of sailing. It is common for classmates to keep in touch with each other and sail together in the future.

Our Thailand location and proximity to Pattaya and Bangkok makes it easy for students to explore the area before and after the sailing course. Often students will take the 15 minute ride into Pattaya at the end of a class day for shopping, dinner and entertainment.

If you are serious about advancing your sailing goals and gaining the skills you need to become a responsible sailor, you will be making the best choice with the SailQuest IYT Sailing School in Pattaya, Thailand.

We look forward to having you join our sailing community.

5/10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper Daily Program
5/10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper Daily Program

Day by Day Sailing School Program:

Here is the Day by Day program for the SailQuest Sailing School Thailand 10 Day IYT Bareboat Skipper's Certificate course.

Students can complete the 10 Day program at one time or two 5 day sections. 

SailQuest Crew Course (Days 1 to 5)

Day 1 - Intro to Sailing with SailQuest
09:00 – New Students Meet At The Sailquest Sailing School For Welcome To Sailquest Briefing & Sailing Theory Review.
12:00 – Lunch Break
13:00 – Basics Of Yachting Briefing
14:00 – Afternoon/Sunset Sailing
18:00 – End Of Day 1

Day 2 - Yacht/System Orientation
09:00 – On Deck Orientation: Knot Tying, Yachting Basics, Equipment & Systems, Life Raft, More…
12:00 – Lunch Break
13:00 – Down Below Orientation: Equipment & Systems, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Yacht Layout, More…
17:00 – End Of Day 2

Day 3 - Hands-On Sailing Instruction & Exercises
09:00 – Instruction & Exercises In Reefing, Sail Handling, Sail Trim, Tacking, Gybing, Boat Handling, More...
12:00 – Lunch Break
13:00 – Man Overboard, Heaving To, Short Course Sailing, Crewing Considerations, More...
17:00 – End Of Day 3

Day 4 - Live-aboard Training Voyage
09:00 – Depart Ocean Marina, Sailing Drills & Procedures, Intro To Collision Regulations, Look-Out Skills, More…
12:00 – Lunch At Sea
13:00 – More Collision Regulations, Real Traffic Situations In The Shipping Port Area, More Sailing Drills & Procedures, Intro To Anchoring, Intro Dingy, More…
17:00 – At Anchor, Ko Si Chang Harbor Swim
18:00 – Dinner Ashore At A Great Thai Restaurant
20:00 – Overnight Aboard Training Yacht Or Bungalow Option Onshore

Day 5 - Live-aboard Training Voyage & IYT Crew Exams
07:00 – Breakfast On Board
08:00 – Anchor Up & Back At Sea, Course Review
12:00 – Lunch At Sea
14:00 – Return To Ocean Marina
15:00 – Evaluation & Exams

SailQuest Captain/Skipper Course (Days 6 to 10)
Day 6 - Chartwork & Navigation
09:00 – Classroom Navigation: Chart Work, Compass, Passage Planning, Navigational Aids, Tides & Currents, More
12:00 – Lunch Break
13:00 – Weather For The Mariner, Owner/Charter Briefing, Live Aboard Lifestyle Considerations, More…
17:00 – End Of Day 6

Day 7 - Yachting Clinics & Short Course Sailing Excercises
09:00 – Boat Buying Clinic - Things To Consider When Getting Ready To Buy A Yacht
10:00 - Marine Diesel Engine Clinic - Engine Checks, Troubleshooting Common Problems, Engine Spares & Maintenence
11:00 - Dingy & Outboard Clinic - Outboard Engine - Operation & Troubleshooting, Dingy Maneuvers
12:00 – Lunch Break
13:00 – Sailing Exercises - Students Take Command Of The Yacht For Short Course Sailing Exercises
17:00 – End Of Day 7
Sailing Movie Nite
19:00 – Students, Instructors & Sailquest Alumni Gather At The Sailors Bar For Sailing Instruction Videos And A Classic Sailing Movie Feature Film.

Day 8  - Close Quarter Manuvering - Mooring, Anchor & Docking
09:00 – Close Quarter Maneuvering Briefing, Mooring & Anchoring Practice, Prop Walk, Using Reverse, More …
12:00 – Lunch Break
13:00 – Marina Exercises, Coming Alongside, Docking, More…
17:00 – End Of Day 8
Sailing Movie Nite

Day 9 - Day/Night Sailing Training Voyage
10:00 – Depart Ocean Marina - Full Day Of Sailing, Passage Planning, Onboard Navigation, Review Collision Regulations, Yachting Safety, Sail Handling, Take Command Of A Vessel, Anchoring, Dingy Etc.
12:00 – Lunch At Sea
16:00 – At Anchor At Remote Tropical Island, Beach Stop, Sundown Swim
17:00 – Dinner Onboard
19:00 – Night Sailing Breifing, Night Sailing Passage, Light Recognition, Night Navigation, Etc.
23:00 – Return To Ocean Marina - Students Stay Onboard Or Return To On-Shore Accommodation.

Day 10 - Evaluations, Course Review & IYT Skipper's Exams
09:00 – Skipper's Evaluation, Sailing Exercises, Full Course Review
12:00 – Lunch Break
13:00 – Iyt Bareboat Skipper's Exam
15:00 – Exam Review, Certificate Honors & Awards Ceremony
16:00 – Program Conclusion

IYT Courses & Events Schedule
IYT Courses & Events Schedule

SailQuest 5/10 Day Courses & Events Calendar
See the calendar and list of our upcoming course and events dates below.

It is possible to split up our full 10 day course into two 5 days sessions.  You can start with the first 5 days (the IYT International Crew course) and then fit in the second 5 days (the IYT International Bareboat Skipper’s course) as your schedule allows. You can do this during any of our scheduled 10 day course dates.

You will save 4,000THB when you pay for the full 10 day course at one time, then schedule your dates as it fits your schedule.

Of course, it is also ok if you join the IYT Crew course only, that would be the first 5 days of any of our scheduled 10 day course dates.  Hopefully, you will be able to return at another time to take advantage of our full program.

Looking forward to sailing with you soon!

SailQuest Courses & Events List
January 17-26, 2020
January 31-February 09, 2020
February 14-23, 2020
February 28-March 08, 2020
March 13-22, 2020
March 27-April 05, 2020
April 10-19, 2020
April 24-May 03, 2020
May 01-May 05, 2020 - SailQuest Top of the Gulf Regatta Yacht Racing
May 08-17, 2020
May 21-June 02, 2020 - SailQuest Samui Regatta Yacht Racing
June 05-14, 2020
June 19-28, 2020
July 03-12, 2020
July 17-26, 2020
July 31-August 09, 2020

5/10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper Pricing & Payment
5/10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper Pricing & Payment

5/10 Day IYT Sailing Course Pricing, Payment & Booking details

It can be difficult to decide which sailing school program will provide the training you really need to become a capable and confident sailor.

At SailQuest we offer a complete training course and will not waste your time or money

Our courses run on schedule and each day is carefully planned to make the most the time we spend in class. Our experienced instructors have developed and refined our "Learn to Sail" course over the past 10+ years to be extremely effective at delivering the training, skills and nautical knowledge to prepare you to responsibly operate a yacht on your own and to make informed choices when it comes to chartering and yacht ownership.

We hope you will get started with SailQuest Sailing School now and join the hundreds of students who have completed this course and are now out sailing the oceans and waterways of the world.  When you book your place in the SailQuest program you can be confident that you will receive the training course and yachting qualifications you need to help you to acheive your sailing goals.

The cost for the 5/10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper's Certificate course includes:

  • All Training Yacht & Instructor Costs
  • Complete coverage of IYT International Crew, IYT Watchkeeper/Flotilla Skipper & IYT Bareboat Skipper's Syllabus
  • IYT Logbook, IYT Registration Fees & Bareboat Skipper Certificate Costs
  • NauticEd Skipper Verified Proficiency Endorsement (when required)

All SailQuest Sailing Course Materials:

  • Rules of the Road Handbook
  • SailQuest Sailing Handbook
  • SailQuest Course Notes & Workbooks
  • International Chart #1
  • Thai Chart #142
  • Portland Course Plotter & Other Chart Plotting Tools
  • Digital Sailing Data - Full Collection of Sailing Books, Training Vidoes & Nautical Audio Material

OUR PRICE ALSO INCLUDES ACCOMMODATION!- Guesthouse/Bungalow Accommodation During Course Dates (or 2,000THB/5 day or 4,000THB/10 day refund)

  • All Onboard Food & Beverage
  • 2 Amazing Dinner Parties Ashore
  • High Quality SailQuest Bareboat Skipper's Polo Shirt
  • A Professional, Well Organized, Effective, Fun, Fast-paced 5/10 Day Yacht Training Program

SailQuest Sailing Course PriceThai BahtEuroUSD
10 Day SailQuest Sailing Course 60,000 THB 1,695 Euro 1,889 USD
10 Day Couple Package (share cabin) 115,000 THB 3,248 Euro 3,620 USD
5 Day CREW Sailing Course 32,000 THB 904 Euro 1,007 USD
5 Day SKIPPER Sailing Course 32,000 THB 904 Euro 1,007 USD
5 Day Couples Package (share cabin) 62,000 THB 1,751 Euro 1,952 USD

Note: all SailQuest pricing is in Thai Baht
Click here for our Currency Converter and Exchange Rates

Notes: Save 4,000THB when you purchase the full 10 Day SailQuest Sailing Course at one time.
Students can complete the 10 day program in one session or split the course into 2 five day sessions as they fit into your schedule.

5 & 10 Day Couples Package special rate offers a saving from the individual course costs when you share accommodation, both ashore and on board, with your partner.

SailQuest understands that your schedule may change and we offer a flexible option for re-scheduling your course dates and deposit refunds. See: What is the SailQuest Refund & Cancellation Policy?

To book your course dates now: SailQuest requests a 25% deposit payment to confirm your booking and to hold your place in class for your selected course dates.  Choose your preferred Course and the Date options will be presented or you can contact SailQuest to check availability on your selected course dates.

Click on your choice below, then select your deposit amount and preferred dates from the drop down menu on the booking page

10 Day CREW & SKIPPER IYT Sailing Course

5 Day CREW IYT Sailing Course

5 Day SKIPPER IYT Sailing Course

10 Day CREW & SKIPPER IYT Sailing Course (Couple Sharing)

5 Day SKIPPER IYT Sailing Course (Couple Sharing)

5 Day CREW IYT Sailing Course (Couple Sharing)