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The £499 Website Features

  • Future Proof

    Built with a modern framework to ensure
    that your site is always running

  • Clean Structured Code

    Designed with a minimalist code base
    for great performance & SEO

  • Fast & Responsive

    Built in Tablet and Mobile layouts
    with great GT Metrix scores

Your site will be feature rich, fast and flexible

Providing a fixed price package does not mean that your site is fixed or inferior.

Far from it

The site package provides a common base from which to grow, should you need to. Through clever use of an ingenious library of Flex Grid CSS, UIKIT3 and a world class CMS, webal has worked with care and effort to provide an answer to the Holy Grail in website design, development and hosting: How much is a website?

The £499 Website is the result of years being asked this very question.

We took a look at other offerings around the web - some were more impressive than others.

But, most, even the better offerings still seemed to be missing a few vital areas that we wanted to address

First, these are what we did not like about other generic low price website solutions

Lack of Flexibility
Some Look Great At First, but then...
Poor Code Quality
Poor Security
Sites packed with 'Plugins'
Lack of Scalability
Short Term 'Solutions' That Are Not That Cheap

So, we took all of these factors and addressed them, to provide...

A Strong Base from which to Grow

The £499 website is not a drag and drop pagebuilder design or a 3rd party template installed onto a plugin saturated blogging platform on 'penny' hosting. Simply because that path leads inevitably to failure.

The £499 website is 

  • Flexible - each page can have its own unique Layout
  • Future Proof Design - The framework code is hand finished, we know how to alter the design and layout for you, because we built it
  • Great Code Quality - we aim for zero script errors and use modern lightweight frameworks
  • Great Security - tight design and a compact library adds an extra shell of defense against hackers and malware
  • 'Very' Few Plugins - This example site has 1 frontend plugin (the Contact Form) the rest is built on a single lightweight advanced library of Javascript and SCSS powered with PHP7.4
  • Highly Scalable - Add as many Pages Links or Extra functions as you like (or we can offer), you can even add e-commerce to this design
  • True Value - we feel that the combination of flexibility, security, speed, quality of code and hosting represent real 'Value For Money'

webal set out to plant our flag and stand by the creed that a good quality website can be offered at a very reasonable price. 

Developed by webal